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Toll-free Numbers in Iceland for Your Business

SendMyCall offers all in one phone solution, Virtual Toll-free Numbers, Iceland (prefix: 0-800) with cloud phone system.

A SendMyCall Toll-free virtual number will help you to attract new customers, improve customer service and increase sales. It’s an encouragement for your customers to call you easily and conveniently at no cost to them.

Toll Free Number monthly prices:

Monthly price: 21.99 USD
Setup price: 5.00 USD

  • Free Phone System: Enjoy Free PBX with the purchase Toll Free number
  • Convenient: Fast Activation, No Contract
  • Simple: Easy set up, no special equipment required, service set up and routed over existing telephone lines , smartphones, tablets, IP phones or PCs
  • Customizable: You can route toll free calls to multiple locations based on your specific business needs.
  • Flexible capacity: We give you maximum simultaneous call efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your needs.
  • Affordable: Our cloud base PBX gives your business a professional image without expensive hardware and maintenance

SendMyCall offers an extensive selection of international virtual numbers. In addition, we are constantly expanding our services so as to increase the number of regions supported, as well as to increase our coverage in each region.

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