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How to Set up iPhone or iPad to Receive Unlimited Number of Incoming Calls

After you purchase virtual phone number at, you will be able to handle unlimited number of incoming calls at your iPhone or iPad. It’s easy! Below are simple steps how to do it.

  • Create account at some IP-telephony provider, the best is SIP2SIP
  • Install SIP client software at your iPhone or iPad and authorize using your SIP2SIP account data. That is how it looks at Zoiper software
  • Purchase virtual phone number at and set up ITSP forwarding to SIP2SIP
  • Now you can receive unlimited number of incoming calls at your iPhone or iPad

In case you already have virtual phone number at, just modify forwarding type to ITSP. Then select SIP2SIP as a provider and specify your account data at SIP2SIP. You can create detailed route of call forwarding using our free virtual PBX.

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