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How To Buy Virtual Number at SendMyCall?

The following instruction will help you purchase Virtual Number Step by Step.

First choose to which service type you would like to direct your Virtual Number: Phone System, Regular Phone or VoIP

1. Regular Phone

Select virtual number location and choose the Destination country where you what receive your calls.

After enter your phone number *. And press Continue.

*The Phone number should be in the following format: country code (select from the list)

+ city code (select from the list) + phone number (e.g. 1204654321).

2. VoIP

Select protocol - Select the protocol that your VoIP provider is using: SIP / IAX / H.323

Enter host - IP address or domain – Select your IP address or domain of your VoIP provider, for example: or

Account - enter your VoIP provider account username or extenuation number (if you don't have one, enter 12345 and after the activation change it to your DID number).

3. Phone Systems

When you login you will see button Launch VPBX , there you creating a quickly and easily configured via web interface, with drag-and-drop objects being connected together to control exactly how the call progresses.

how to buy

Choose the Period (how many months in a year you want to use this virtual number).

And choose how money you will be added to your balance.


Login if you don’t have account at SendMyCall or click on Register.