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General SIP information

SIP addresses

SendMyCall originates calls to customers from the following endpoints:

  • (for US PoP)
  • (for EU PoP)
  • These IP addresses correspond to our routing cluster exit nodes.

    RTP addresses

    Our system sends RTP packets from the following subnets:

  • with RTP port-range: 10000-32767


    We transmit and receive RTCP packets from port = rtp_port + 1 (as recommended in RFC3550). Additionally, we are able to receive RTCP packets on the same port as RTP, considering utilizing RTCP conflicts avoidance payloads (payload types 72-76).

    Supported codecs

  • G.711 A-law/U-law
  • G.729
  • G.723.1
  • L16
  • G.726-16/G.726-40/G.726-32/G.726-24
  • G.721
  • GSM
  • Speex
  • DTMF transport methods DTMF signaling is supported as follows: Telephone-event RFC2833 SIP INFO draft-kaplan-dispatch-info-dtmf-package-00

    application/dtmf-relay application/dtmf By default RFC 2833 enabled