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Call Forwarding Destinations

Our company provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers and associated services to their customers on a world-wide basis.

We are a leading provider for the people who want to enjoy quality phone service at affordable prices.. Our compeny have secured phone numbers in most countries in the world. The numbers listed on our web site are fully operational and ready to work for you immediately.

With a single phone number and an easy-to-use online control center, our system specifically meets the needs of small businesses and mobile professionals. Our company assists thousands of clients worldwide in reducing telecommunication costs by providing innovative, cost effective solutions.

Each service offers a specialized approach to a specific communications requirement. Major corporations count on us as a single touch point for their international telecom service needs. We keep thousands of employees in contact with millions of customers, clients and partners, no matter where in the world they reside or work.

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We offer an extensive selection of international virtual telephone numbers. However, we are constantly expanding our services so as to increase the number of regions supported, as well as to increase our coverage in each region.